The Forgiveness Note

I-I-I really don’t know how to say.
I mean like begging on knees or just holding my ears.
Rolling down a tear,
Isn’t that enough?
Mistakes I made,
Forgive me for god sake.
Today was a terrible day,
missed you in each way.
Binding all the memories aside,
you left me alone running away.
You know how hard it was really?
To say sorry every time, I didn’t even realize my mistakes.
And then always bending and begging all around…for tightening the loosed connections.
Don’t you just realize I do need someone to be aside?
To love me and make me lean by his/her side.
To you it may sound a bullshit,
But is it really not worth it?
Friendship and Love we kept on pondering…
With the fast flowing time…kept fading day by day.
Isn’t is good enough to keep your egos aside at time..And hold on other’s hand and just move along??
I miss every inch of your steps forward towards me, where have you hidden those smiles behind?
Come let’s laugh together as it’s been a long time.


Since, it took me too long to say sorry.


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