Some Day! One Day!

I am left with nothing to say;

Rejection has injected me in some way.

Maybe, I am thinking wrong;

But my heart is no more strong.

I am expecting so much these days;

But my situation has made me a slave.

Think of me once a day;

I’d be glad if you may.

Calling me will not be so unfair;

If you could do me something fair.

Change your mind one day;

And rest everything will fall back in its place.

Time will manage itself and stay;

Our love will blossom unlike yesterday.

It was a miracle I thought for a day;

But then it suddenly started to fade away.

I saw myself in the mirror that day;

And tried to picturise you in my pretty face.

Memories that you’ve built will always remain though you’ve walked away.

Still, I’ll wait if your heart called for me;

Some Day, One Day..!


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