The Forced Smile


Realization is a must. Isn’t it?

Lately or sooner… Isn’t the matter here? The matter is only ‘REALIZATION’. It has been a compulsion, a necessity.

And it’s really great enough to understand things; no matter whether the water is under the bridge or up to the mark. It needs good amount of courage for someone to be empathetic enough to understand…What the other person seeks for? What are his/her expectations? What does he / she aspires for? What is the story behind? What is he/she looking forward to?

And the bitter truth is everyone is running after fulfilling their own innumerous wishes, their own desires, aspirations, likes, goals, achievements and so on….

No one is barely concerned about anybody, not even about the true happiness. People run after the little bits of happiness and that too which won’t stay…that which won’t be longing. What’s the benefit of such a desire? Has anyone ever thought?


We all are too busy making money just to reach those small desires and fulfill those dreams of us….WHERE THE ULTIMATE GOAL SHOULD BE HAPPINESS, TRUE HAPPINESS AND PEACE, there we are lacking!!!!! And that’s a shame! Honestly!

The curiosity to break down the suspense…to reach a conclusion is only by THE WAY OF REALIZATION itself. Self-detection is a must.

Let’s just understand this with the help of an example…No matter how hard it is to visualize and dream of yourself with the person who left you, those flashbacks, those memories he/she left… don’t keep them aside. Keep them running. Don’t get frustrated over that when you see your loved one with anybody else, smiling and laughing, paying for them, doing great things for them, giving them time instead of you, in fact giving their everything to them, that everything which was once all yours.

Don’t weep. There’s nothing good in crying for and over something that has gone and won’t return. And what will you do majorly even when they return back to you?

Crying, begging, and persuading you by different ways and by their endless emotional tactics…which make you fall for them again. Yes, they know your weakness now, and they will surely use that to sooth you, to make you fall for them, for them who hurt you the most, for them who left you when you were all alone, finding ways to happiness.


Will you be able to trust them the same?

Will you value them the same?

Will they be that important to you than they once used to be?

Are there any good memories left to be shared?

Do you even have the time and power to handle their mischief, because once they have attempted to cause holes in your heart it won’t take them another minute to hurt you with the same audacity, and trust me they won’t even feel guilty for the same…because they know within that you’d bear the pain caused by them, each time, the endless times.

And that’s truly unfair, unjustified.

And it’s only you who has the power to get back that value, that respect, that courage to stand up high again after falling down begging on their knees once..

You need to correct things fast, speed up….slowly and steadily. Everything will work…and you don’t need to lean on over anything that doesn’t make you feel happy…

If it’s he who left you for another ‘her’ then you also doesn’t need to fell for another ‘him’.

Just try to figure out what you lost while making it possible every time to bring a smile on that pretty ugly face who not even once thought of you before falling for another for the endless fucking reasons…those endless human desires, wants and expectations.


You lost your true self…

In finding ways to keep others happy, by placing them before you, by loving them more than yourself and by caring for them like you never cared for your true self..

Now, start doing it for yourself… There’s no time for learning and experiencing.

Be happy that it happened. It made you strong enough to understand and rectify whatever mistakes you have been doing since so long…

Now that you have the courage, don’t tear down yourself…


The self actualization is a must. Alongside, self-awareness and self-care are a necessity. Never forget that.

Last but not the least, everyone needs to realize something or the other in order to grow, learn and experience and to realize this at a certain point of time in life is a Success in itself, it’s an ACHIEVEMENT, for oneself and to oneself.


7 thoughts on “The Forced Smile

    1. Thankyou so much!
      And chances are for those who deserve. Even after endless chances if one cannot get any better, then its better to knock that person out. Ultimately fired!!!


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