Relations with the BEAUTY..!!


He went too crazy telling her about his likes, his goals, his achievement and all about his life and just “HIM”.

There she was sitting just opposite to him. She seemed happy, without a single blink of eye; kept gazing the fresh blooming colorful petals.

And he didn’t took a blind notice of her.
He kept on speaking and got so lost into himself ; with no break, God! So consistently.
He didn’t got to see an inch of change; any sort of confusion to whether she was listening to him or was she lost in the fragrance and those colorful flowers that seemed to color her life, bringing in positivism, keeping her at peace, still and happy.

Hello Guys!
Don’t confuse her smiles with your fake attention. She has so many things to love, any yes she loves the nature eternally because she knows its not fake and meaningless.

So the very next time you see her, don’t make her fall sick to your attitudes that she doesn’t even feels to tell a word of hatred, because when she won’t ; she’s just letting go of you and the shit you carry along.

Stop favoring her. Love unconditional.
Or she’ll favor you with your own mess.
And you won’t even get the time to realize when and how did it happen.
She loves to surprise and to shock, you know just as the situation demands.



13 thoughts on “Relations with the BEAUTY..!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. They really mean alot to me.✔️
      Waking up to such notifications is/ has and will always be ecstatic.😇💯 Thank you for making my day and encouraging plus motivating me to write more of a kind and refined write ups.


  1. The same happened with me though the gender roles were reversed 😅 but I couldn’t agree more with whatever you said !! Brilliantly written 🙇 God Bless 🙌


    1. Hello first of all. 🙂
      Glad you wrote me! Long time.
      Coming back to the comment, see there’s nothing for or against, herein. This was just a piece of writing based on my thoughts and they vary from person to person, situations and life all over.
      Rest, thanks for your blessings and appreciation. 🙂
      They mean a lot.


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